We are a specialty restoration company with a focus on concrete and masonry repair
and waterproofing of buildings.

Parking Ramp Repairs
Post Tension Cable Repair
Parking Ramp Washing
Traffic Coating
Concrete Repair

Concrete Repair
Concrete Removal and Replacement
Concrete Restoration Services
Above and Below-Grade Waterproofing
Paver Topping Slab Repair / Installation
Shotcrete (Spray Applied Concrete)
Expansion Joint Systems
Pedestrian and Vehicular Coating Systems
Parking Deck Restoration
Waterproof Membrane Installation
Chemical Grouts
Exterior Wall Coatings
Caulking and Sealants
Epoxy Injection
Water Blasting
Concrete Repair Replacement
Structural Repairs
Interior Waterproofing Systems
Clear Sealer Application
Deck Coating Installation
Building Evaluation